Episode 2: What is Authentic Space?


There is no uniquely right way to design a home, but there is a way that is most congruent, one that resonates with you at a much deeper level. Architecture that is truly authentic reflects your personality, style and unique way of life. It is sensitive to the surroundings whilst standing alone in its singular character and tells a story that is alluring and remarkable. 

To seek out that core of authenticity takes a lot of deep discovery and exploration to understand each unique client, what makes them tick, and what they require of their spaces. It’s part psychology, part intuition and part experience. Long before the design work even starts, as your designer, I’m watching and absorbing everything you’re giving me and showing me about yourself and your aspirations for your home. The more of your “light” that you are willing to share with me, the more congruent the design will be that I am able to create and reflect back to you. 

I’ve always considered it a great honour to be asked to design someone’s home or space for them. The way I see it, it takes so much faith and vulnerability to put oneself in the hands of someone else, many times a stranger, and allow them to create and shape the space which is going to literally hold the lives and the living for you and your family. How can that kind of a profound cause not be a calling? 

With that kind of power in my hands and in my pen, I take my role extremely seriously. And yet, the goal is to create joy and delight.

It’s a given that good buildings have to have strong design. But strong design can’t be hollow and generic -  it has to be authentic and entirely relevant for the specific requirements of its users.

A custom home is no different. It’s essential for all those energy-sapping pain-points in your life to be vanquished and “designed away”, instead, putting in place all of those features and qualities of a space that are going to bring about ease of flow, comforting rigour, and inspirational upliftment. When your design takes you to that place of truth, joy and congruency, your space will be entirely and authentically yours, ready to serve you, nurture you - designed and built for you and your family to thrive.

Caroline Harrison