Episode 1: Why I do what I do


Finally, the day has come to launch my new website that represents everything about my new business. I’ll be honest, owning my own business was not something that I had ever dreamed about, but rather, something that came about as my feelings towards my career choice evolved, and my attitude towards what I do melded more and more with what started to feel like a real inner purpose for me.

My first true experience of architecture as a powerful evocateur happened at the age of 6 when I walked into my first gothic cathedral. The cool and serene majesty awe of the space, the power of the history, the beauty of the forms .. to this day I can recall the exact spot where I stood when that impression hit me and I felt drenched in the most profound experience of space, and history. That to me was the power of how architecture could elevate an experience of a room or a building into something exquisite. The power the building had over me in making me look upwards, move towards a certain part of the space, pause before the adorned relics, touch the cold stone craftsmanship, breath in the woodsy air of ancient souls - it was a kind of freedom to be guided so naturally by a very purposeful space.  

And so to this day, creating that effortless feeling inside of a purposeful space has been an enormous driving force in the way I think about design. It’s as relevant in an ancient cathedral, as it is in a modern-day home. We all want to feel guided by our spaces in a very natural and fluid way, and it’s when people find they are lacking this, even though they may not be able to articulate it, that they begin to seek out changes to their spaces and to their homes.

This is exactly where I am able to come in and begin to seek out a solution to help make changes to their personal space, be it a new house where we can start from scratch to make something truly authentic to them, or be it some kind of renovation improvement to what they already have. Either one can result in  significant changes in the way we are able to create the spaces that will be in tune with our souls, and the way in which we love to live in our homes. 

I absolutely love having the power of architecture and design at my disposal to create meaningful space that makes a huge difference in my clients’ lives. It’s the reason I get out of bed every morning. It’s now become my goal to improve and elevate any building or any space that I am involved with so that we’ve created a space that resonates with each individual client. Not surprisingly, there has to be a lot of psychology that goes into this process, helping to explore and identify each client’s unique desires and motivations, finding that special spark that will be the seed for their customized design solution. 

Embracing design may sound like a very high-brow idea, and something that is only available to those with lots of money to spend on big projects. While it’s lovely to have those deep pockets, what I try to share with most people that design is a really powerful tool that relies more on ingenuity and resourcefulness than on wealth. We can do amazing things, and create very transformative spaces, still working within each client’s budget parameters. Upping the challenge level, forces deeper creativity, and out of that often comes really unique and successful solutions. 

So, bring on the challenges I say. Do not think that your space is not worthy of transformative attention, whether it requires big plans or little plans. Each one of us not only deserves to, but should aspire to have space that enables us to live our very best lives.

Caroline Harrison