I’m interested in working together, how do I get more information?

Please complete our inquiry form on the contact page. We will get back to you with a media kit and a more detailed process sheet, as well as a general overview for pricing.

Once you have understood how we work and what we can do for you, we will get you a fee proposal based on your project specifics, followed by a contract and an invoice. A 10% deposit is required on all projects to secure your place in our calendar. 

All I need is a building permit, can we still work together?

Unfortunately no, and here’s why: through experience, we’ve realized that the best way for us to deliver a standard of service that is gratifying to all parties, is to avoid limiting our services to the permit phase only. It’s important to realize that a permit set is merely the minimum standard of drawings and documentation produced by any office, and its purpose is only to get you a building permit, not to construct your house from. If we were to stop there with our services, you would find that there are way too many unresolved areas and gaps of information in your drawings, and you would feel unhappy that we had not provided you with a solid set of documents for your contractor and trades to give you proper costing in the first place, and the right level of information to give you a quality build. 

Drawings are the way that we communicate all the characteristics and details to the people that have to build them, and if we don’t do that sufficiently, you will have other people making your design decisions for you, who may not necessarily understand the original design intent, nor the ramifications of any decisions they may be making on your behalf, no matter how well-meaning they may be. We want you to build something that you will still love at the end of an arduous process, and that both of us can be proud of, as this will be the highest testament to our best efforts.

Do you take on every project?

No. We only accept about 70% of our project inquiries to ensure we're always working with clients that we're the best fit for. Should you not be the best fit based on needs, budget or style, we'll provide a referral to a close colleague.

How soon can we start?

When you complete our inquiry form, we'll get back to you with our first available start date. Generally speaking, we are booked 6 - 8 weeks in advance. As a boutique design studio, we only accept one to two new clients a month, to ensure all new and existing clients get the highest level of creativity and professional service.

How much does it cost?

No project is the same, as each one differs in size, scope, location and timing. All of those factors have an impact on the cost of the work to be done on your house. Please fill in our inquiry form and we can send you some preliminary information though to get you started.

What are your payment terms?

Your 10% retainer will be kept on file and offset against your final invoice. Once our services commence, you can expect billing to be either monthly, or as soon as we have completed a milestone phase if that happens to occur part way through a month. Terms are 15 days.

What forms of payments do you accept?

At the time of receiving your contract, you'll be provided an electronic invoice. You can pay via credit card, or e-transfer.

Can I customize a package?

Our services are standard and the same for all projects, all the way through from Inception to the Construction Drawing Phase. The only exception to this is if special, site specific permits are required due to the location of your property, or the nature of the build.

Site Review is also standard on all projects.

Our interior design services can be customized to your particular needs however, or completely deferred until later in the project and a better understanding of possible scope becomes apparent.

How many rounds of revisions do I get?

Our clients are almost always thrilled with their designs after the first presentation, but we build in 2 rounds of revisions to make room for perfection. You will be asked for your sign-off at the end of key phases, after which any requests for revisions will be considered additional work, and billed at our hourly rates until we are back on track, where we left off.

I have my own builder/contractor, can I use them for your project?

At Narratif we work only with design honouring builders of repute and integrity, ensuring your home is finished to the highest possible standard. Integrity of practice is paramount. 

If you have a builder of your own that you would like to use, we are always open-minded and welcome new faces, however, it will be essential for that builder to prove their ability to be a team player and to maintain that healthy and balanced 3-way relationship between our design office, you as the client, and the builder as the person who carries out the vision you have paid us for.

Who will I be communicating with on the team?

All client communication is handled directly by our founder and creative director, Alison Strickland. As your project progresses, other members of the design team who are managed by Alison, may communicate with you for the sake of expediency, however Alison is always copied in all communications. You can always reach Alison directly at:


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